Meet Dominic Kennedy

Owning a home is a dream that most people wish for as it gives one a sense of security and stability. However, the dash to buy or sell your home can be daunting and tedious and may take an emotional toll on you. Finding a devoted realtor can ease the process and make it a gratifying experience. That is where Dominic Kennedy comes in.

Having lived in Los Angeles for many years, Dominic knows the area’s most prestigious places, has a vast network and most importantly, the local and surrounding housing market. His academic background in Pharmaceutical Marketing, his Personal Training business, Fitness App & bodybuilding career, has laid the perfect foundation for selling or buying of homes and real estate services which he does with unmatched professionalism. He applies his commitment to the human body, the dedication, motivation and consistency, to his real estate career.

His work ethic, dedication coupled with passion to serve, makes Dominic a gem in the industry. His clients choose to work with him because of his exceptional loyalty, honestly, communication and expertise. Dominic has consistently shown the ability to satisfy clients in the buying and selling of their homes. His strong base of loyal repeat clients is the reason he has been so successful over the years in this incredibly competitive market. To put it simply: he is trusted.

Dominic prides himself in exceeding his clients’ expectations. He guides them carefully and tactfully through the process one step at a time, giving all his clients the most precise and up-to-date feedback on the state of the market. He gets ecstatic on seeing clients’ satisfaction every time he finalizes the process and even more thrilled when a good relationship with a client ensues.

Outside of real estate, Dominic enjoys engaging in fitness activities, meditation, traveling and has a strong love for animals.

With Dominic as your personal realtor, you rest easy knowing that someone is thinking about your needs and won’t rest until he settles them.